Are there any requirements for Lenders?

Yes, prior to making payment, administrative agencies/organizations may need to collect documentation from the proposed lenders in order to make payment for mortgage assistance:

Documentation that should be collected prior to making payment includes:

  • If it’s a mortgage servicer enrolled with the CDF process, they are required to send the CDF in a timely manner after DOLA requests it
  • If not CDF, we will need a recent mortgage statement, W9, and confirmation on the best way to send payment

Additional requirements for CDF lenders:

  • Confirm with DOLA that foreclosure processes have been paused once the CDF has been requested
  • All communication that includes the borrower's "Nonpublic Personal Information" between Program Administrators and the Servicer will be through encrypted email, secure loan port, or other similar secure electronic delivery system
  • The servicer has agreed to a timely application of the funds in accordance with applicable law and the servicer's standard policies and procedures for handling mortgage payments (pulled from HAF agreements)

Non-Participatory Lenders

  • At times, lenders may refuse to participate or accept money from the EMAP/HAF program. In those cases, please reach out directly to the reviewer processing your application.