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Phone/Broadband Assistance
Financial/Rental Assistance/ Utility Assistance
Housing Support
Food Security
Pet Assistance

Phone/Broadband Assistance:

Lifeline Program - TDS Telecommunications
TDS provides a monthly discount on communication services which may include broadband internet, phone (landline or wireless), or bundles to eligible low-income households.
Service Area: Denver, State Wide, National
Phone Number: 1-866-734-0704
Services Provided: Phone/Broadband assistance
Eligibility Criteria: Must be either 80% AMI for your County or receive State Benefits (such as Food Stamps, TANF, WIC, SSI, Medicaid, etc).
Application/Intake Process: Chat with us, fill out a contact form, or call us at 1-866-571-6662.


Low-Cost Internet Plan - PCs For People

PCs For People provides a Low-Cost Internet Plan for low-income individuals needing internet connectivity in their households. A modem with unlimited 4G LTE internet service is provided to connect those using this program to the internet.
Service Area: Denver, State Wide, National
Phone Number: 651-354-2552
Email Address:
Location: 2492 Doswell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108
Services Provided: Phone/Broadband assistance
Eligibility Criteria:
- This program helps people with income at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.
- Must be below the 200% poverty level or be currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program.
Hours of Operation:
- Monday-Friday 7am-8pm CST
- Saturday: 8am-6pm CST
Application/Intake Process: Call to see what TDS options and services are nearest you.
- Must bring these documents to verify eligibility:
- A photo ID
- Proof of Income: The prior year's state, federal, or tribal tax return (W2 forms or pay stubs are not acceptable)


Financial/Rental Assistance/ Utility Assistance:

Financial And Support Services (Childcare support) - Colorado PEAK - La Plata County
Service Area: La Plata​
Street Address: 1101 East 2nd Avenue​
Phone Number: 970-382-6200 - ask to be transferred to the Childcare Support Department​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: N/A, all online​
Services Provided: General Financial Help, Public Benefits Assistance, Healthcare, Childcare​
Eligibility Criteria: Who is eligible for Child Care Assistance:
Parents who are working.
Parents who are searching for a job (13 weeks in a 12 month period).
Teen parents (up to age 21) in a high school diploma or GED program.
Parents needing child care for up to 208 weeks for post-secondary education or training (up to a 1st Bachelor's Degree or less).
GED, ESL, Adult Basic Education, for up to 12 months.
Families receiving Colorado Works/TANF that are completing countable work activities on their Individual Responsibility Agreement.
Applicants must be residents of La Plata County.
Parents must cooperate with Child Support Services.​
Application/Intake Process: 
- Click this link to see all available programs that may assist you through the Colorado PEAK Program.
- They've got several resources regarding early childhood support specifically, link here.
- Direct La Plata County resource is here.


Housing Support: 

HUD Public Housing Program - Montezuma County Housing Authority
Service Area: La Plata​
Street Address: 121 E 1st St, BLDG A​
Phone Number: (970) 565-3831​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursdays: 9a – 12p or 1p – 3:30p​
Services Provided: Transitional Housing, Case Management, Housing Navigation, Voucher Administration​
Eligibility Criteria:
Income qualifications are 20%-80% of the median income.
Must also pass background check.​
Application/Intake Process: Call or stop by to pick up an application to see if you qualify.  Applicants are placed according to waitlist and availability. Families will pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income towards their rent. They must also go through criminal background/credit check to qualify.​


Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers - Montezuma County Housing Authority

Service Area: La Plata​
Street Address: 121 E 1st St, BLDG A​
Phone Number: (970) 565-3831​​
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursdays: 9a – 12p or 1p – 3:30p​
Services Provided: Transitional Housing, Case Management, Housing Navigation, Voucher Administration​
Eligibility Criteria:
  • The applicant must complete the application and all other necessary forms. Complete Application:
  • The applicant/family must meet eligibility income requirements (earning no more than 50% of the area median income).
  • Proper submission of all required documents at time of eligibility: Photo IDs, Birth Certificates, Social Security cards and (if applicable) verification of court awarded custody for all applicants. Verification of eligible immigration status (if the applicant(s) are not U.S. citizens, documentation of legal residency of the United States and/or verification of eligible immigration status must be provided).
  • ALL applicants must pass a criminal background check – applicants must not have engaged in any felony, violent or drug related criminal activity in the last five years and/or misdemeanor, violent or drug related criminal activity in the last three years.
  • If an applicant, or a member of an applicant’s household, is subject to a Registrant requirement under a state sex offender registration program, they are NOT eligible for a Housing Choice Voucher.
  • All applicants must be over the age of 18.​

Application/Intake Process: Applicants must qualify for services (see eligibility above). After this, they can submit their application if the waitlist has opened to do so. ALL programs work from a wait list; which goes by the date and time your application was turned in (and complete) to our office. If you are picked from the waitlist (after you've fully submitted your application), the program will reach out to you directly with next steps.​


Food Security: 

Manna-The Durango Soup Kitchen
Service Area: La Plata​
Street Address: 1100 Avenida del Sol​
Phone Number: 970-385-5095 ext. 114​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: Daily meals are served: Monday-Saturday 9am-1pm  Resource Center and Food Market: Tuesday 9am-1pm Wednesday 3pm-7pm Thursday 9am-1pm Friday 9am-1pm  Community Refrigerator: After hours and on Sundays the community refrigerator is accessible to anyone in the community needing a meal.​
Services Provided: Food Security​
Eligibility Criteria: Manna welcomes everyone, there is no income requirement. Manna is a drug & alcohol free establishment though, so just keep that in mind.​
Application/Intake Process: None needed, just come to the site during their hours of operations.
Wait Time: Within 2 hour during their food distribution hours.


Community Food Assistance - Durango Food Bank
Service Area: La Plata​
Street Address: PO Box 156   194-C Bodo Drive​
Phone Number: (970) 375-2672​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: Food assistance programs are provided on Tuesdays, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm and Thursdays, 9:00am-12:00pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Walk in appointments will be available on Wednesdays starting on 28th from 11:30am-1:30pm. During this time on Wednesdays, clients may come without an appointment, first come first serve.  ​
Services Provided: Food Security​
Eligibility Criteria: To receive food assistance, clients must make an appointment for all Durango Food Bank’s food distribution programs. Schedule an appointment here:  Clients must provide a picture identification and proof of La Plata County residency to receive food assistance from Durango Food Bank programs (with the exception of the Ready-To-Eat Box program).​
Application/Intake Process:
- Only 1 person per household may shop the pantry per visit.
- If you are a new client or haven’t received assistance within the last year, please complete this form in addition to making your appointment below. If you are unable to do so before your appointment, you will be able to complete it when you arrive but plan for a longer visit.
- If you choose not to upload your picture ID, you must provide it at the time of your appointment.
- If your picture ID does not have your current address, you must upload/bring a copy of a document proving your La Plata County residency (i.e. utility bill, rental agreement/lease, etc.).
- Clients may visit two (2) times per a calendar month on the date(s) of your choosing.
- Clients are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask during their visit to our Self-Select Pantry (a shopping experience similar to that of grocery stores).​
Wait Time: Bi-weekly


Pet Assistance: 

Short-term Pet Fostering - ResPet Colorado
Service Area: La Plata​
Street Address: P.O. Box 876​
Phone Number: 720-527-1778​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: N/A - all online applications​
Services Provided: Pet Assistance​
Eligibility Criteria: We serve people in legitimate crises. Documentation verifying the crisis will be asked of the owner (in cases where this applies) to eliminate individuals using this service for doggie daycare.  ResPet is primarily accepting dogs for short-term fostering. All pets need to be up to date on vaccinations, with the accompanying veterinary paperwork.​
Application/Intake Process: *ResPet has a small waiting list of pets needing placement due to individuals abandoning their pets with us (the opposite of what our program's mission is). If you need help and plan to come back for your pet, please fill out an application and we will contact you ASAP to review your application*   Fill out this application if you are eligible and in need of these services (and plan to come back for your pet):​



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