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Phone/Broadband Assistance

Financial/Rental/Utility/Housing Assistance

Food Security



Phone/Broadband Assistance:

Lifeline Program - TDS Telecommunications
TDS provides a monthly discount on communication services which may include broadband internet, phone (landline or wireless), or bundles to eligible low-income households.
Service Area: Denver, State Wide, National
Phone Number: 1-866-734-0704
Services Provided: Phone/Broadband assistance
Eligibility Criteria: Must be either 80% AMI for your County or receive State Benefits (such as Food Stamps, TANF, WIC, SSI, Medicaid, etc).
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7am-8pm CST
Saturday: 8am-6pm CST
Application/Intake Process: Call to see what TDS options and services are nearest you.

Low-Cost Internet Plan - PCs For People
PCs For People provides a Low-Cost Internet Plan for low-income individuals needing internet connectivity in their households. A modem with unlimited 4G LTE internet service is provided to connect those using this program to the internet.
Service Area: Denver, State Wide, National
Phone Number: 651-354-2552
Email Address:
Location: 2492 Doswell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108
Services Provided: Phone/Broadband assistance
Eligibility Criteria:
This program helps people with income at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.
Must be below the 200% poverty level or be currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7am-8pm CST
Saturday: 8am-6pm CST
Application/Intake Process: Call to see what TDS options and services are nearest you. Must bring these documents to verify eligibility:
A photo ID
Proof of Income: The prior year's state, federal, or tribal tax return (W2 forms or pay stubs are not acceptable)


Financial/Rental/Utility/Housing Assistance:

Neighbor to Neighbor
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 2 locations, see description​
Phone Number: There are two contact numbers:  
Fort Collins: 970.484.7498    
Loveland: 970.663.4163 ​
Email Address: There are two contact emails:  
Fort Collins:    
Hours of Operation:
- Fort Collins:  970-484-7498 (Mon-Thurs 9 am-4 pm, Fri 9 am-12 pm)
- Loveland:  970-663-4163 (Mon-Thurs 9 am-4 pm)​
Services Provided: Rental Assistance​
Eligibility Criteria: Due to changes in our funding, a pre-screening survey is now required. Please ensure you meet all of the following initial requirements for emergency rent assistance and have all necessary documentation before completing the survey: 
- Household must be within Larimer County 
- Renter must provide documentation of demand for compliance, eviction notification or court date.
- Household must earn less than 60% of the Area Median Income (see AMI Chart below)
- Renter household must have an income of 1.5 times the monthly base rent. (ex. For a monthly base rent of $1,000, the household monthly income must meet or exceed $1,500)  
- If your household has received rental assistance in the last 12 months, N2N will not be able to assist again until that 12-month period has passed. 
- The household may still be eligible for utility assistance if it has not received it in the last 12 months. 
- Renter must provide third-party documentation verifying need for assistance is unforeseen and outside of the renter’s control​
Application/Intake Process:  If you qualify for their pre-screening eligibility requirements, & if you have already received a written court summons, or have already appeared in court with your landlord, please call our nearest office based on your location and give a brief explanation of your situation:  
Fort Collins:  970-484-7498 (Mon-Thurs 9 am-4 pm, Fri 9 am-12 pm)  
Loveland:  970-663-4163 (Mon-Thurs 9 am-4 pm).  
They will reach out to you regarding the next steps. 
Additional Information: **This program is temporarily unavailable. Please look at the rest of their website for other potential financial assistance instead.


Foundations Church - Financial Care Ministry
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 1380 Denver Ave​
Phone Number: 970-663-7625​
Email Address: N/A - Fill out "Contact Us" form in order to use their email.
Hours of Operation: You can submit the online form whenever but their in-person office days are only Saturdays and Sundays (service times).​
Services Provided: General Financial Help​
Eligibility Criteria: Only for Larimer County residents. Also, you'll need documentation/proof of whatever it is you've requested help with (be it your signed lease that you need rental money for, a copy of your utility bill, repair estimates etc) when you request financial assistance. 
The church is *not* able to assist with the following: 
- Security deposits
- Rent with an unsigned lease
- Hotel vouchers
- Legal fees, late fees, taxes, credit card bills, or any expense for which it is deemed that assistance would contribute to an enabling situation for the person/family.​
Application/Intake Process: 
Step 1. Submit your application below  
Step 2. Within 1-3 days, check your email for next steps which are to send in a copy of your SIGNED LEASE for rental assistance, utility bill etc. to or bring in a hard copy to Foundations Loveland. If a lease for rental assistance, repair estimates or utility bills are not received by our team within 5 days of when our team emails you, your form will automatically close. 
Wait time: This process takes around 3 to 4 weeks. The program is not set up to help with immediate financial emergencies.​


Northern Colorado Navigation Program - Northern Colorado CAHPS
Service Area: Weld, Larimer​
Hours of Operation: Dependent on the location of access points you reach out to:  You can toggle this map to find which access point locations may be closest to you. Make sure those spots also offer services that you are eligible for! (Aka if you're a single homeless man, you will not be eligible for a homeless family shelter).​
Services Provided: Security Deposit Assistance , Emergency Shelter, Food Security, Case Management, Housing Navigation​
Eligibility Criteria: Must be homeless as defined by HUD guidelines (aka sleeping on the streets, in a shelter, in your car, in a park, etc - sleeping on a friend/families' couch or almost being homeless does not count). One exception to this rule is if you are actively escaping domestic violence.​
Application/Intake Process: If you are actively homeless or escaping DV, you would reach out to one of their several access points. There is a map on this website that shows you the specific ones closest to your area.
- Reach out to your closet access point spot, set up an appointment with a case manager (through the access point) either via virtually or in-person and they will walk you through the CE (Coordinated Entry) steps for housing navigation. The steps beyond this point vary on a case-by-case basis, so it's best to work with your case manager from then on regarding housing.  
- To be eligible for housing services through the homeless services system, you must first complete a survey. You can use this form to sign up for the survey or to update contact information. As you complete the form, please include appropriate times for a Resource Navigator to contact you or your case manager directly.
Wait time: Completing a survey does not guarantee housing or financial assistance. It is not an emergency service, and it is not a Section 8 housing application. Completing a survey informs the homelessness services system that you have a need for housing. After completing the survey, we encourage you to continue to search for housing resources through other agencies and programs.​


House Of Neighborly Service
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 1511 East 11th Street Suite 100​
Phone Number: (970) 667-4939​
Email Address: (fill out this form to get a rep to contact you, you cannot email them directly).​
Hours of Operation:  Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-4:00pm First Thursday of the month: Noon-7:00pm​
Services Provided: Utility Assistance, Food Security, Healthcare​. Does not provide Rental or financial assistance.
Eligibility Criteria: Must be low-income (70%) in Larimer county. Bring a Utility Bill or some sort of confirmation that you live in the area. And you need income verification (for the last 30 days) and ID.​
Application/Intake Process: N/A, just go to their site during business hours.​

Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) - Housing Catalyst
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 1715 W. Mountain Avenue​
Phone Number: 970-416-2910​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: By phone: M-F 8am-4:30pm
In-person:  Monday & Wednesday: 8am-1pm Tuesday & Thursday: 12-4:30pm Friday: 8am-12pm​
Services Provided: Rental Assistance, Security Deposit Assistance , Transitional Housing, Voucher Administration​
Eligibility Criteria:
- Applicants must fall under the 60% AMI range for Larimer county and must already be a Larimer resident.​
- You will be automatically denied if you've got any Sexual Offense or Meth production/distribution conviction or charge. All other criminal history (within the last 5 years) will be reviewed on a board to see if you're eligible.  
Application/Intake Process: If you are a resident applying for a housing voucher in Larimer county, you must first sign up on their website for their emails. You can sign up for this waitlist notification here:  
Wait time:
Currently, the waitlist is closed for an unforeseeable amount of time. If it does happen to open, people will be notified through that email subscription and have a *very* short amount of time when you must sign up to be put on the waitlist (2 days tops). Once your submission to that waitlist has been put in, you will receive a notification via email from a staff member to collect more information regarding your case. This waitlist is just the first step.
Once put on the waitlist, an applicant may potentially be on that waitlist for several years. It is *not* guaranteed that if you're on the waitlist that you will get a voucher eventually.   If you happen to get selected for the voucher, you will be sent information via physical mail (not email), so make sure your mailbox information is up-to-date and accurate.

Crossroads Ministry 

Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 1753 Wildfire Road​
Phone Number: 970-577-0610​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: Mon/Wed: 10am – 4pm Tues/Thurs: 10am – 4pm Fri: 10am – 1pm​
Services Provided: Rental Assistance, Security Deposit Assistance , Utility Assistance, Food Security, Disability Services, Healthcare, Case Management, Clothing ​
Eligibility Criteria:
Required documents to bring with you include:

- Proof of Estes Valley residency can be substantiated with a lease, utility bill, or any other official document that denotes residency.

- Proof of Income such as a recent pay stub, SSI – disability letter, past year tax return, bank statement, letter from employer, Social Security letter, copy of checks, etc. is required.

- Personal Identification can be substantiated by providing any of the following including a valid and current driver’s license, state identification, passport, photo work ID, photo student ID, or an IRS issued W7 card.​

Application/Intake Process: Go to this LINK for the detailed intake process.

Food Security:

Mobile Food Pantry - Foothills Unitarian Church
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 1815 Yorktown Ave​
Phone Number: 970-493-5906​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: Staff members are available at the church between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Tuesday-Friday and 7:30 AM – 12:00 PM on Sunday. (Holidays may affect these hours.)​
Services Provided: Food Security​
Eligibility Criteria: None, you can go directly to the site to get food.​
Other link for Food Pantries in Fort Collins and Larimer County
Wait Time: 1 hour

FoCo Cafe
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 225 Maple Street PO Box 242​
Phone Number: (309) 368-1659​
Email Address:​
Hours of Operation: Open for lunch services 11am-2pm Monday-Saturday.​
Services Provided: Food Security​
Eligibility Criteria: Open to all, not based on income. It's on a "pay-what-you-can" system, so if you have no money to pay for your food, you do not need to pay. If you only have a little money, just pay what you can feasibly afford. Others who have more money can pay their meal and/or also pay it forward to another future customer.​
Application/Intake Process: N/A, you can just go during their business hours for food. No need to call beforehand.​
Wait Time: 1-2 hours max


InCompass - Fort Collins - Larimer County Workforce Center - Fort Collins
Service Area: Larimer​
Street Address: 200 W. Oak Street​
Phone Number: (970) 498-7000​
Email Address: (fill out this "Contact Us" form if you want them to reach out via email to you). There is no direct email address.​
Hours of Operation: Varies​
Services Provided: Education, Employment​
Eligibility Criteria: Eligible youth must meet ALL of the following criteria:
1) Ages 16-24 - Not currently enrolled in school or training.
2) Face a challenge to employment. One of the below criteria must be met: 
- Dropped out of high school 
- Pregnant/parenting 
- Justice involved (probation and/or have a criminal background) 
- Foster Care (current or aged out) 
- Documented disability/mental health diagnosis 
- Homeless/couch surfing 
If none of the above challenges apply to you & you are part of a low income household, you may still be eligible! A staff person will want to speak with you first to ensure you meet other criteria before applying. Call us (970) 498-6608​
Application/Intake Process:
1. Determine if you are eligible (see eligibility above) 
2. Attend an inCompass Program Orientation
 Upcoming Orientation Dates can be found here:
If you cannot make any of these dates for an orientation, call this number for alternative options: (970) 498-6608
Complete the inCompass Program Application (access is given at orientation). After this, you will be able to get employment/education help.​


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