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I submitted an application. What does the status of my application mean?

    • Application in Progress: The application is currently underway by the homeowner. It has not yet been submitted for review.
    • Application Submitted: The application has been submitted by the client and is currently waiting to be assigned to a Reviewer.
    • Application Under Review: The application is currently under review by the Reviewer. 
    • Pending Applicant Information: The reviewing agency needs further information from the homeowner in order to make a determination about the application. 
    • Non-Responsive: The homeowner has not responded to reviewer's attempts to contact them.  If a response is not received, the application will be closed due to non-responsiveness. 
    • Withdrawn: The homeowner is no longer in need of assistance and has asked to have their application withdrawn. 
    • On Hold, Pending Loss Mitigation Paperwork: The reviewing agency is awaiting a decision by the mortgage lender concerning loss mitigation, or the reviewing agency is waiting for the homeowner’s forbearance period to be over.  
    • Approved: Pending Payment: The application has been approved for assistance and is awaiting payment by the reviewing agency. 
    • Referred to HUD counselor: to assist with loss mitigation or other housing questions, your application has been referred to a HUD housing counselor to assist you.
    • Referred to Legal Aid: to assist you in any legal matters, your application has been referred to a legal agency to contact you. 
    • Waiting for CDF: The Common Data File has been requested from your servicer, pending this information to calculate assistance. 
    • Denied: The application has been denied.  To find out how to appeal a denial, see the program FAQs.
    • Denied-Duplicate: The application has been denied because there has already been an application submitted by the homeowner previously.
    • Submitted to QC Review: Your application has been finalized and is pending final review and approval.
    • Paid: The reviewing agency has processed the check, and the approval information has been sent to the homeowner.  
    Closed: All payments that the homeowner has been approved for have been sent.  No more assistance is available, so the application has been closed out.