How will I get paid?

  • Applications approved by the State for rental assistance will be paid using a third party payment processing company, is a payment software that uses bank-level security, firewalls, and encryption on any sensitive or personal data. For any other concerns you have dealing with, please reference This payment processor specializes in sending ePayments and checks to the needed destination. It is important to note, that the state also partners with non-profit organizations to help with the rental assistance program. If your application is reviewed and processed by one of those partners, the payment will come from that organization.
  • Neighborly, the application software used by the State, is the first step in beginning the payment process. Once the application is complete and the state has approved this application, you will receive an email detailing this approval. Soon after, you will also receive an invitation email from set up your account for payment. Please do not go to and create your own account beforehand.  The invitation email from will include a unique link to create your account and sign-up for ePayment. This email should not be forwarded or shared with others.
  • Please note: If a Landlord has multiple properties or has created multiple applications, the Landlord will receive an email from for each property or application. Landlords will need to follow the unique link each time to set up their account. If Landlords have only one property and one application, they will only receive one email from and will need to only set up one account.
Details on how to create an account in can be found here.